Math Curriculum
    *Place Value & Rounding
    *Addition & Subtraction
    *Multiplication & Division
    *Graphing (Bar & Picture Graphs)
    *Measuring Mass & Volume
    *Area & Perimeter
    ELA Curriculum-Reading
    *Building a Reading Life
    *Reading to Learn
    *Mystery-Foundational Skills in Disguise
    *Character Studies
    *Test Prep
    *Research Clubs

    ELA Curriculum-Writing
    *Crafting True Stories
    *Art of Informational Writing
    *Changing the World
    *Literary Essay
    *Test Prep
    *Writing About Research

    Science Curriculum
    Unit 1: Forces and Interaction
    Unit 2: Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems
    Unit 3: Weather & Climate
    Unit 4: Inheritance in Variations of Traits

    Social Studies Curriculum
    Unit 1: Geography & Map Skills (We also learn where "we" are in the world. )
    Unit 2: China
    Unit 3: Kenya
    Unit 4: Brazil
    *During Units 2-4, we focus on each country's geographical features, economy, culture, and daily life. We compare each country to the United States.  

    *The countries we focus on the most are the Unites States, China, Kenya, and Brazil.