• Hello 3rd Grade Families,

    We want to begin by extending our positive thoughts to each and every one of you and your families. We hope that you are all healthy and safe and that you are finding some positivity through this very interesting and challenging time in history. We think about our students every day and miss them dearly!

    As you know, we will officially be launching online instruction on Friday, April 3rd. We wanted to give you some information about what the next few weeks will look like as far as instruction. The district has given us guidelines to follow. We want to start off by saying that we completely understand that this is all very new to everyone involved. We truly appreciate your effort and patience. We also understand that many of you are still working during this time and it may be tough to balance everything. We hope to make this run as smoothly as possible for you all. 

    We will be continuing to use Google Classroom during this time. Instruction for students will be roughly 2 hours a day (we will build up to this). This will consist of about 30 minutes for ELA, 30 minutes for Math, 30 minutes for Science or Social Studies, and 30 minutes for special (P.E., Art, Music, Library). Students will be able to go on and complete the work at any point throughout the day.  We will post the lessons for the day by 8:30 a.m. Monday thru Friday.

    Logging into Google Classroom:

    • Search and select Google Classroom
    • Login in using the own student email and password
    • Email example : Firstname.lastname@k12.wcsdny.org
    • Password example: Firstname1012345 (number is their student ID/lunch number and must have capital letter in name)

    Feel free to spread the work out, build in breaks (GoNoodle, Preferred Activities, Walks, ect.) The instruction will consist of videos we post, Google Slides, Docs, and Forms. We also understand that some of you may be concerned with the amount of screen time your children are accruing during this time at home. Please feel free to print anything we post that can be done with paper and pencil.  We will be available daily from 10:00-11:00 am and 2:00-3:00pm via email or Google Classroom to help guide you, answer questions, ect. 

    Thank you for all of your cooperation and support as we begin this new adventure! It is truly appreciated.


    Mrs. Fitzsimmons

    Ms. Hirsch