• Hello 3rd Grade Families,

    I hope that you are all healthy and safe and that you are finding some positivity through this very interesting and challenging time in history. 

    As you know, the district has given us guidelines to follow throughout the school year. I want to start off by saying that I completely understand that this is still new and at times difficult for some. I truly appreciate your effort and patience. I also understand that many of you are still working during this time and it may be challenging to balance everything. I hope to make this run as smoothly as possible for you all. 

    Fiskill Plains will continue to use Google Classroom during this school year. We will have daily google meets with daily instruction. These lessons will consist of ELA,  Math, Science and Social Studies. The students will also have their daily special (P.E., Art, Music, Library). Students will be able to go on and complete the work throughout the day. For remote students, it is very important to attach pictures of the completed assignments.

    Logging into Google Classroom:

    • Search and select Google Classroom
    • Login in using the own student email and password
    • Email example : Firstname.lastname@k12.wcsdny.org
    • Password example: Firstname1012345 (number is their student ID/lunch number and must have capital letter in name)

    All assignments will be posted daily. Work will be kept in specific folders that should be housed in a binder. 

    With that being said, thank you in advance for purchasing your child's school supplies. The 2-inch binder is very important. As stated, this will house their rainbow colored folders containing everything they need for school. The folders are organized as follows:

    Red- Reading and Writing 

    Green- Math

    Blue -Science/ Social Studies

    Yellow- Music

    Orange- Art


    *Tri-fold Folder (I will supply this to each student)

    This will be in the front of the binder and it will have 3 sections labeled:

    Bring Back- Incomplete work that needs to be finished at home

    Notes- Any information from the Main Office, Nurses Office or Library 

    Keep Home- All materials in the section should be kept home


    The students will also need a Reader's Notebook and a Writer's Notebook. The Reader's Notebook should be a wide ruled spiral notebook (70 page count) and the Writer's Notebook should be a plain black and white marble notebook (wide ruled). I will be supplying a cursive notebook that is red. 

    It is crucial that all papers from their subject folders remain in the folder until they are instructed to keep them home. There may be blank papers that we will use in the future or materials that we are activiely using. All papers should come to and from school with the students.

    If at any time you have any questions or concerns please email me. I am here to help.

    Thank you for all of your cooperation and support! 


    Ms. Hirsch