• Sick When your child is sick 


    Please call the office and report your child absent first thing in the morning.  When calling, please give a specific symptom rather than just "sick, cold". 

    Returning to school

    • Must be fever free without the use of any medication for 24 HOURS
    • Must be 24 HOURS with NO VOMITING
    • Conjunctivitis (Pink eye) - Must have 24 HOURS of treatment or note from physician that student is not contagious
    • Impetigo - Must have clearance note from doctor for return
    • Strep throat - Must be on medication for 24 HOURS before returning
    • Undiagnosed rash - May return after a note is received from doctor indicating that rash is not contagious

    When your student returns to school, please send in a note stating the specific reason for the absence (strep, fever, vomiting, etc.)

    Click here for the WCSD Absent Note