• Medications at School

     If your child needs to take medication at school, Prescription or Over the Counter, the following procedures must be followed:

     1. A signed doctor's order must be submitted to the school nurse.  This order must contain:

    • Student's name
    • Medication name
    • Dosage of medication
    • Times / Reasons for medication to be given

    2. A signed parent permission slip 

    3. A signed field trip form (if student needs to bring medication on field trips )

    4. Medication must be brought in by PARENT


    5. Medication should be in original container with a label

    • Prescription medication must have student's name and medication name on it
    • Over the Counter medications must be SEALED and student's name written on the container
    • Please provide any dosage cups, syringes as necessary



    • If sending in asthma medication for a nebulizer - please provide a mask and tubing for your child
    • If you child has difficulty swallowing pills and is required to do so, please provide pudding, applesauce, etc to assist with swallowing
    • If your child is required to take a medication at a certain time of day, please make your child aware of this. Your child should know what time they take medicine (after lunch, before recess, etc.)


    Any other questions or concerns, please feel free to call the Nurse's office at 845-227-1770 ext. 13011