I am very excited to be sharing the school year with you. Welcome to sixth grade!  I

    have been teaching for over two decades and have previously taught first grade,

    English as a Second Language, Health Education and Study Skills. Yet teaching sixth grade

    has been my absolute favorite job!
              I am a big sports enthusiast, and soccer is my passion.  It's the greatest game in the world!! 

    I coach various soccer teams
    and still play soccer (and softball) in women's leagues.  

    You're never too old to have fun!!  
          I am happily married, a proud mother of four, and a joyful grandmother, as well.  All of my

    children were
    educated in the Wappingers Central School District and are now very successful adults.
    Well, enough about me. I'm really looking forward to working with you. I hope you  
    enjoy spending the year  in my classroom   ......   Welcome aboard!
    "Life is full of challenges and obstacles.  
    Yet the will to persevere is often the difference 
    between failure and success."