• The following policies apply to both Social Studies and Science classes:
          HOMEWORK:  When assigned, homework will be checked the following day (unless an extended due date is given).  Some assignments will be collected and graded, while others may be spot checked for homework points.  If a student is not prepared with the day's assignment, a HOMEWORK NOT COMPLETE mark will be stamped in the planner.  This is a signal to the parent that the student was unprepared with a given assignment.  Any missed assignment can be made up and turned in the following day for partial credit.  
           GRADING: Each marking period, students will receive a numeric grade ( 1-4 ) based upon their academic performance during that quarter.
                                      4 ~  Student meets the standards with distinction
                                           3 ~  Student meets the standards  
                                      2 ~   Student is developing to meet the standards
                                      1 ~  Student does not meet the standards 
     Student performance will take into consideration:
                                 Tests/projects, Quizzes, Homework/Classwork, Participation/Effort 
       Planners are used as a form of daily communication.  Please be advised that students are expected to have their planners checked and signed by a parent/guardian each night.  
               If a student is absent from school, a classmate will collect all of the day's assignments for him/her.  Therefore upon return from the absence, the student will have all missed work. For a typical one day absence, the returning student will have two days to make up missed assignments. In the event of an extended absence, the teacher and student will work out a time frame to complete all assignments.  However, please be aware that since advance notice is given for tests and projects, if a student is absent on the day of an exam, quiz or project due date, he/she is expected to take the exam or submit the project on the day of his/her return.
    "The task ahead of you is never as great as the power within you!"