• November 2019


    Dear 4th Grade Parents and Guardians,                                                                                 


    We are quickly approaching the recorder portion of the music curriculum.  Playing the recorder promotes the learning of musical skills, such as sight-reading, intonation, and audiation.


    Each student will need a recorder to use at home and in school.  If your child already has a recorder, he/she is welcome to use it.  Please have your child bring it in so that I can check that is the correct kind.  Many recorders purchased in retail stores are of lesser quality than the recorders recommended through the school.  The cheaper recorders often play out of tune, which can cause frustration to both you and your child.  If the recorder was previously purchased with approval, there is no need to bring it in.  Just make sure that you know where it is.


    Those who don’t have a recorder will need to purchase one.  It is beneficial to the students to have his/her own instrument, so that the child has easy access to practicing at home.  Each child will be responsible for providing his/her own recorder.  On the back of this sheet, I’ve attached a list of places to purchase these recorders.  Please let me know if you would prefer for your child to borrow a school-owned instrument for the year, rather than to purchase one.


    We will be starting our recorder unit upon return from the winter break.  When your child receives his/her recorder, there will be much excitement.  Despite this, I have told the children not to play it until we have begun the music lessons.  Bad habits are formed early, and are difficult to break.  We want to begin playing recorder with good sounds and good habits.  Please wait until January; your ears will thank you.  J


    Please fill out the slip below regarding whether your child already owns a recorder or will need to purchase one, so that I can keep careful records.  Please return the slip as soon as possible.


    I will send more information home about the specifics of this program in the following weeks.  Thank you for your support of the music program at Brinckerhoff.  Please contact me with any questions or concerns at 897-6800 or at micia.trainor@wcsdny.org.



    Mrs. Micia Trainor




    Student’s Name___________________________________________________________


    Classroom Teacher________________________________________________________


    My child… (circle one)

     will purchase a recorder              already owns a recorder           will borrow school recorder

                                                 (bring to school this week to show me)


    Places to Buy Recorders


    Local Retail:

         Alto Music, Route 9 Wappingers

               $5.99 Yamaha Soprano Recorder




    Item #MIE205 (2-piece Renaissance Soprano Recorder with Baroque fingering)

    $4.15 blue, green, purple or red


    You can also purchase Soprano Recorders through www.amazon.com, such as this one:

    Angel 211 Soprano Recorder, $6.85