• Mrs. Allen

    Hi there fabulous second graders! My name is Mrs. Allen and I am thrilled to be a part of the Vassar Road Elementary School team. I have spent the last 16 years teaching kindergarten and second grade and I am eager to continue to teach and challenge you to grow in your learning.

    I am a very proud mother of two young men patriotically and proudly serving in the US Navy. Having experienced the "busy years" as a mom I can appreciate the limited time due to outside activities, religious commitments and sports. With that being said, if something comes up and you are without something, just drop me a note so we can come up with a solution. Second grade is a continuation of a long career your child will have in school. It is not meant to tax anyone out, especially overburdened parents or kids.

    These childhood days are long, but the years are short. I can say that now from being on the other side.

    Aside from being a mother, I consider myself a hard working teacher, a voracious reader, a bargain shopper and an avid runner and cyclist. I also love food (which is why I work out so much!). I too, love the beach and I cannot wait to find out if you do too.  I look forward to finding out what makes you happy, what you do outside of school that makes you, you, and so very special!

    When it comes to your children, I pride myself on giving the best of me to them. I work very diligently to discuss, plan, re-evaluate and modify nearly each and every day to present the material in the best, most engaging way possible. Their education; academic, social and emotional well-being is very important and I hope to strike a nice balance in the classroom. I genuinely value their qualities and look forward to making their second grade year as productive and fun as possible.