• Elementary Art Syllabus

    Course Description
    Areas of Study: This required course of study is part of the comprehensive, 
    sequential Fine Arts program that begins at the elementary level and 
    continues through high school. Students will acquire knowledge, understanding 
    and appreciation of the artistic, cultural and intellectual accomplishments 
    of our civilization while developing skills to express personal artistic 
    talents. Students in grades kindergarten through third grade will meet with Mrs. Ward 
    , a NYSED certified art specialist, for two 40-minute periods in each 
    six-day cycle. We have used the New York State Education Department’s 
    publication “Learning Standards of the Arts” to design our curriculum.
    Assessment:  Student evaluation is reflected in the art grade, a composite of 
    a student’s participation and achievement in assignments and assessments.
    The grade may be derived from objective and subjective teacher evaluations and 
    observation, including the student’s demonstration of criteria-based skills 
    and techniques in artwork. For the complete NYS Learning Standards for the 
    arts, see…

    Textbook:  Taschen Series of Famous Artists - Classroom set

    Class expectations and procedures: 
    Arrives ready to learn, organizes self, accepts suggestions/criticism, 
    follows class/school rules, seeks help when needed, willing to take risks, 
    follows safety rules, strives for accuracy, works well in a group, uses 
    materials responsibly, keeps trying/shows perseverance, uses 
    resources/references appropriately, respects others, stays on task/manages 
    time well, generates goals/plans, shows responsibility, shows good 
    desire/willingness, turns work in on time.

    Be able to appreciate the creativity of others
    Be able to create and respond to art in a responsible, respectful manner
    (for self and others)

    Recommended/required materials for class: 
    The District provides all required materials to be successful in meeting 
    basic requirements.

    Grading Procedures:  
    The art grade represents a composite of the student’s achievement and 
    performance in daily assignments and assessments. The grade may be derived 
    from objective and subjective teacher evaluations and observations, including 
    the student’s demonstrations of criteria-based skills and techniques in