What is the best way to help my child study their math facts?

    I believe that flashcards are the best method to use for 
    studying math facts. The students should automatically
    know the answers, not need a few seconds to count.
    There are also countless online games to make studying
    more fun and less of a chore. Mastering multiplication facts
    is essential and will be a goal throughout the year.

    Should my child practice cursive? What if they ask me to teach them?

    The children do not write in cursive until the middle of
    the year. We begin in September and learn each letter one
    at a time. The students learn to follow the formation of
    Zaner-Bloser handwriting. If the students learn another way
    first, it will be difficult for them to reteach themselves.
    Students should practice writing in print and forming the
    letters correctly. They should pay attention to proper
    spacing between words and closer spacing between letters.

    How can I get in touch with Mrs. Fitzsimmons?

    The best way to reach me is to either write a note in your child's
    planner or you can also send me
    an e-mail at andrea.fitzsimmons@wcsdny.org. I check both of these daily. 
    You can also call the school at 227-1770 and leave me a message.