• Homework is given Monday through Thursday. You will usually see Math 
    and Reading. All tests need to be signed as well as planners every night.

    All homework is written by the student in his or her planner and will be posted
    on this website daily. They copy
    it down from the board as I update it to
    this website. The students have their binder to keep their worksheets
    and planners together and organized. It is also the students' responsibility 
    to remember to bring their binder back to school everyday. The students will
    have a study hall time to begin
    their homework at the end of the day:)

    Once the class begins multiplication, they will be making and using flashcards daily.
    You will see these come home periodically for study.

    I strongly encourage the children to be responsible for packing up their
    book bags at night. It is a fantastic habit that will help them with
    organization as well as being responsible throughout their schooling.