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    Procedures For Medication Administration In School

    NY State law requires the following procedure for administration of medication
    in schools:

    1. The nurse should administer medication only as necessary during the
                   school day.
               2. Instructions for administering of medication must be in writing from 
                  the physician and include:      
                                   a.  The name of the student
                                   b.  The diagnosis/medical condition for which the 
                                        medication is needed.
                                   c.  The name of the medication.
                                   d.  The dosage and time to be administered.
                                   e.  A list of possible side effects. 
          3. A letter must be on file from the parent/guardian requesting the administration 
             of the medication by the school.
          4. Medication MUST be brought to the school by the parent/guardian and in its 
              original container.
             It may NOT be sent to school with the child.
          5. Updated physician's orders and continuing prescriptions are required at the 
             beginning of EACH school year.
          6. All unused medications must be picked up by the parent/guardian before the 
             end of the school year or it will be discarded.
          7. All prescribed medications will be kept in a locked area and dispensed by 
             authorized personnel only.
          8. If any directions change on the prescription (time/dosage), 
             the physician must submit the request in writing.
          9. A verbal or telephone request from the parent is NOT acceptable.
         10. Special guidelines apply to field trips.  Please contact the 
              school nurse for specific information.
         11. The term "medication" refers to both prescription and "over the counter" 
             drugs and treatments.  This includes cough drops, antacids, and pain 
             relievers as well.