The NYS Physical Education Curriculum is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills to lead physically active and physically fit lives.  Physical Education makes an important contribution to the education of the whole child.  In addition to developing physical skills, group and individual activities in the program provide opportunities to acquire and demonstrate social skills, cooperative skills, strong work habits, respect for others, and for you.  Physical Education in the WCSD is a sequential education program based on physical activities experienced in an active and supportive  environment where every student is challenged and successful.  There are three learning standards for Physical Education 1) Personal Health and Fitness, 2) A Safe and Healthy Environment and 3) Resource Management.  Each of these standards is addressed in the elementary level.  


    Physical Education Outcomes:


    Students will be able to:

    1.  apply physical education to life

    2.  demonstrate good sportsmanship

    3.  move to a rhythm

    4.  demonstrate competency in many movement forms

    5.  demonstrate beginner level techniques of catching, throwing, kicking, rolling and bouncing (eye-hand, eye-foot coordination)

    6.  demonstrate locomotor and non-locomotor patterns, balance and movement skills

    7.  demonstrate a positive attitude toward participation in physical activity and maintaining personal health

    8.  posses an awareness and respect for individual and multicultural differences

    9.  demonstrate knowledge and skills which better enable participation in group and team activities, team sports

    10.  demonstrate knowledge and skills associated with stranger danger and personal safety



    Textbook, handbooks and other resources

    World Wide Web, magazines, library books, pedometers and newspaper articles


    Grading Procedures

    The physical education grade is determined by participationin class activities and progress shown in age appropriate skills, positive behavior and effort, as well as the ability to demonstrate knowledge of wellness and fitness concepts.

                        4 =Meets the Standards with Distinction (90-100%)

                        3 = Meets the Standards (80-89%)

                        2 = Developing Skills to Meet Standards (70-79%)

                        1 = Does Not Meet the Standards (69 and below)

                        N = Not Applicable


    Classroom expectations and procedures

    Students are expected to give their best effort, follow directions, exhibit listening skills, follow rules during an activity, display good sportsmanship, behave respectfully towards others, and arrive appropriately prepared for class.

    If the rules of physical education class are broken, the consequences may include verbal warning, time out of play, writing assignment, and/or contacting parents.  


    Activities/projects unique to this class

    Activities and projects are designed to reflect the New York State standards with the integration of the Common Core Standards and will vary based on the grade level outcomes.

    Students will have the opportunity to participate in community projects and fundraising projects - i.e. Jump Rope for Heart, Fitness Fridays, 10 Day Walking Challenge and Mileage Club


    Recommended/required materials for class

    What your child should wear to class?

    1.  Sneakers-flat rubber soled only *Students may NOT participate if wearing sneakers with elevated soles, sadal backs, clog stles or slip-ons!

    2.  Clothing - loose fitting clothing appropriate for activity

    3.  Jewelry - only stud earings may be worn during an activity *No watches, bracelets, necklaces, rings, etc....

    4. Hair - Long hair should be secured back with small slips or bands

    5.  Safety goggles - will be required for safety precautions during certain activities


    Teacher contact information


    Vassar Road - 845-463-7860

    E-Mail - patricias.dean@wcsdny.org