• Mrs. Karen Sanborn
    Integrated Co-Teaching
    Kindergarten -
    w/ Mr. Kedzielawa (Rm 21)  
    First Grade-
    w/ Mr. Panesa (Rm 24)
    (845) 227-1770

     Family Ropes course

    I have co-taught Integrated Classes for 19 out of my 21 years as a Special Education
    Teacher. In addition to Co-teaching, I taught a Language Based Class for 2 years. I am a Wilson Level
    One Certified Teacher (A Multi-sensory Reading Program to reach those students 
    whom may not grasp reading easily.). My aim is to continue to use multi-sensory instruction, 
    as an instruction to reach out to all levels of learning, across the all the curricula. 

    remi LAKE PIC remi
    On a Personal Note!
    I have been happily married for 23 years. My husband and I have two wonderful active boys.
    Nathan is 16 years old and will be a Eleventh grader.
    Jared is 14 years old and will be an Ninth Grader.
    Our family spends a lot of our recreational time enjoying the outdoors and now with our new addition to the family, REMI.
    We rescued REMI, 2 year old adorable and loving Chocolate Lab Mix. He felt like part of our family within minutes of being in our home.
    We enjoy at least 2 week-long camping trips a year and while we are camping we hike, bike, and kayak. 
    In addition, we do love having gatherings at our home with family and friends
    various times of the year. I do love to play a variety of athletics.  Most of all, I love spending my time watching
    my boys playing their favorite sports and my husband coaching his soccer teams.