• Ideas for home

    Children are spending more time than ever on computers, tablets and Smartphones. 
    ur world revolves around the use of technology. The
    more comfortable and familiar kids are with technology the better.
    computer usage should always be monitored by an adult.
    Children should be
    taught never to give out personal information about
    themselves without their
    parents' permission, even when the sight appears to
    be safe and kid-
    friendly. Children should always be supervised by an adult
    when using technology for school or entertainment.
    Parents need to make their children aware of the possible dangers of the internet.
    *Please read the WCSD Computer User Agreement with your child.
    *Brainpop and Brainpop Jr., located on the Clever Portal, have valuable Technology
    video content covering subjects such as Computer Internet Safety,
    Computer Etiquette, Internet Bullying, and more.