• Elementary Physical Education Syllabus

    Fishkill Plains Elementary School

    Gregory Pikor- Grades K-5


    "The mission of the Wappingers Central School District is to empower all of our students with the competencies and confidence to challenge themselves, to pursue their passions, and to realize their potential while growing as responsible members of their community."


    I. Rationale: 

    Elementary P.E. is important to develop activity patterns and skills that will carry into adulthood. It promotes physical activity that is beneficial for overall health and well-being. Positive experiences in physical activity are important in childhood development that will carry into adulthood.


    II. P.E Objectives: 

    Physical Education will consist of information regarding exercise and the effects of exercise on the body. It will also cover the basic movement skills (skipping, hopping, jumping, throwing, kicking) along with complex movement skills and how to apply them during games and sports performance. Activities and lessons will reflect the New York State Standards with the integration of the Common Core Standards.

    III. Format and Procedures: 

    The students will enter the gymnasium and line up in their assigned lines. They will begin their warm-up routine upon the start of class. The warm-up routine will contain daily strength building exercises.

    Course Description

    Areas of study and Assessment (See Elementary District Syllabi/Course Handbook pg. 29)


    Textbook and other resources

    World Wide Web, magazines, library books, pedometers, and newspaper articles


    Classroom expectations and procedures

    Students are expected to give their best effort, follow directions, exhibit listening skills, follow rules during an activity, display good sportsmanship, behave respectfully towards others, and arrive appropriately  prepared for class.

    If the rules of physical education class are broken, the consequences may include, verbal warning, time out of play, writing assignment, and/or contacting parents. 


     Physical Education Daily Behavior Rubric:

    a) Walk into the Gym properly.

    b) Sit quietly and listen when the teacher is talking.

    c) Follow all the rules during an activity.

    d) Behave respectfully toward others and our equipment.

    e) Follow all the safety rules for the Gym.

    f) Always come prepared for Physical Education.

    g) Always fully participate with my best effort.


    Physical Education Classroom Discipline

    Progression: Action:

    1st offense: Warning

    2nd offense:   3 min. timeout

    3rd offense:   5 min. timeout

    4th offense:   Watch P.E. for the rest of the class                


    Recommended clothing

     1. Sneakers-flat rubber soled only   *Students may not participate if wearing sneakers with elevated soles,  sandal backs, clog styles or slip-ons.

    2. Clothing- loose fitting clothing appropriate for activity

    3. Jewelry- only stud earrings may be worn during activity *No watches, necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc…

    4. Hair- long hair should be secured back with small clips or bands

    5. Safety goggles-will be required for safety precautions during certain activities 


    Grading procedures

     The physical education grade is determined by participation in class activities and progress shown in age appropriate skills, positive behavior and  effort, as well as the ability to demonstrate knowledge of wellness and fitness concepts. 

    4=Meets the Standards with Distinction (90-100%)

    3=Meets the Standards (90-89%)

    2=Developing Skills to Meet Standards (70-79%)

    1=Does Not Meet the Standards (69 and below)

    N=Not Applicable



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