• 3rd Grade Supply List 



    1 marble notebook

    1 spiral notebook

    24 box of crayons

    1 glue stick


    personal dry erase board

    2 dry erase markers

    1 box of pencils




    In addition to the remote supplies:


    1 black clearview one-inch binder (with plastic cover to insert paper)

    1 box of tissues

    1 personal hand sanitizer

    1 highlighter

    1 box of pencils

    1 pencil sharpener

    5 pocket folders (red, orange, 

       yellow, green, and blue)

    Students will be bringing these supplies back and forth to school. Please include the supplies from the remote column.

    Full In-Person

    The teachers will notify parents 

    if any additional supplies are needed. 


    Examples may include:



    Please take all supplies out of packaging and label with your child’s name. Please only pack the supplies 

    on this list. Thank you so much!  ~ The 3rd Grade Teachers :)