Text/Program: Lucy Calkins

    ·       Fluency

    ·       Close Reading Strategies

    ·       Summarize vs. Retell

    ·       Exploring Characters Across Genres

    ·       Digging Deeper/Reading Deeper for Meaning

    ·       Text Structure

    ·       Interpreting Visual Sources

    ·       Using Strategies to Navigate Text

    ·       Book Clubs and Literature Circles


    Text/Program: Lucy Calkins

    ·       Writing Boot Camp: Build Stamina and Revisit Learned Strategies

    ·       Narrative Writing

    ·       Opinion Writing

    ·       Informational Writing: Research

    ·       Responding to Text for Reading and Writing

    ·       Multi-Genre Unit

    ·       Reflective Writing


    Textbook: Math in Focus

    ·       Whole Numbers and Estimation

    ·       count and compare numbers to 100,000

    ·       Multiplication and Division

    ·       Fractions and Mixed Numbers

    ·       Geometry

    ·       Measurement of Area and Perimeter

    ·       Navigating Numbers

    ·       Conversion of Measurements

    ·       Decimals

     Social Studies

    Textbook/Resources: Macmillan/McGraw-Hill New York and

    Putnam Northern Westchester BOCES SS/ELA

    ·       Review Map Skills

    ·       Native Americans

    ·       Exploration

    ·       Colonial Life

    ·       The American Revolution


    Program: Science 21

    ·       The Scientific Method

    ·       Food Chains

    ·       Digestion

    ·       Nutrition

    ·       Simple Machines

    ·       Earth Science/Geology

    Homework Policy

    All assignments are expected to be turned in by the specified due dates.  Frequently late or missing assignments will negatively impact a student’s overall grade.

    Grading Procedures

    Grades are based on test scores, quiz scores, projects, homework completion, and class participation.