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The Full Year Photography course will provide students experience with basic black and white photography techniques, using a 35mm camera, as well as digital imaging.  In the months to come, you will learn how to use a 35mm manual camera, print pictures using an enlarger and traditional darkroom techniques.  Computer programs such as iMovie, Adobe Photoshop and GarageBand will also be used to further your studies in digital media.  


Students will develop knowledge in the following:


-Selecting interesting subject matter and using composition effectively

-Developing and processing film

-Making enlargements

-Design computer images

-Experimental darkroom techniques

-Presenting work for exhibitions

-History of photography

-Digital manipulation

-Understand technical and aesthetic differences between traditional and digital photography.

-Understand and utilize the steps in the creative process

-Realize the vast amount of career choices in the visual arts.

-Produce an accomplished portfolio of work


During the first few weeks of class, you will learn how to use the camera and compose pictures.  We will study the history of photography and learn about the many artists who helped photography become an art form as well as the scientists who helped perfect the camera itself.  You will be paired up with a partner for darkroom time and assigned a computer for weekly classroom projects.  You will be tested periodically on materials pertaining to the camera, darkroom, computer, and art history.


We will study the work of professionals and students, observing the standards that they meet and we will refer to exemplary images.  You will be taught the guidelines for composition and study photos that reflect the successful use of these guidelines.  You will learn what good contrast, proper focus, and intent means as well as proper presentation and mounting techniques. 




Please understand that there are darkroom/film materials which students are responsible for providing.

3-ring binder

Clear plastic files

Loose-leaf paper


Please bring pens and pencils to class everyday.  A textbook is used and may be taken home after it is signed out.



Evaluation is an ongoing process. The purpose is to track your progress and draw attention to areas that need improvement. 

Quarterly grades will include but are not limited to:


A. Studio Projects: Prints, contact sheets, test strips, Photoshop projects, research/sketchbook recordings.


B. Quizzes and tests: quarterly and yearly exams


C. Classwork average: computer and textbook assignments, critiques, research assignments, worksheets, blog assignments, and general class participation.


Rubrics will be given for each photo assignment so that you are aware of requirements.


The final course grade will be composed as follows: 2QTR.A x 2QTR. B x Final Exam.


A minimum of four prints is due for each film project.  Each print is a separate grade.  Failure to turn in complete assignments will result in a low average.

EX: 90+ 90+90+0= 270/4= 68

It is therefore vital for you to hand in work when it is due. 

DO NOT wait until the end of the marking period to become motivated. Work will not be accepted after the end of the quarter.


Class time is where the majority of work is completed.  After school help is available, however, regular class attendance is mandatory. You will fall behind if you are frequently absent.  It is your responsibility to make up work.  If you are absent, please see me and discuss missed work.


You must make effective use of your class time.  As you share an enlarger, you will only have a few days a week in the darkroom.  You may not change enlargers with another classmate. Your assigned place will be effective for the entire year. 


Tardiness to class is not tolerated.  3 or more lates per quarter will result in referral.  When you are late, it is disrespectful to the teacher and students who are in the process of working. You are expected to be respectful and courteous to myself, others students and any other professionals who may be in the room.  



The textbook used for this class describes in detail the standards for evaluating the technical strengths and weaknesses of your photos. Specific suggestions are also offered to help you improve the quality of your photos.  We will read and discuss these standards and learn to apply them to your work when we evaluate.  You will be able to see your mistakes and know how to correct them. You will also recognize your accomplishments and learn how to repeat them. 


Contact sheets and test strips will be required for each photo assignment.  A select number of negatives will be enlarged.  We will strive to create images that are unique, imaginative, and show creative effort on your part as well as adherence to the specific requirements.


If it is not your darkroom day, you will have a reading, research, or computer assignment.  There are several rooms where students will be working and I will divide my time equally to meet all needs.  You will be held to a high degree of honor.  Cheating and plagiarism are not tolerated on any level. The result will be an immediate failing grade and expulsion from the program.   Please refer to the student handbook for more specific standards to which you are held.


Many photography assignments must be taken outside of school. Please be aware that you may be required to visit nearby historical sites, towns, or other areas of interest to generate interesting photographs.


Please note this syllabus is subject to change at the discretion of the course instructor. Please contact me personally if supplies are an issue. I will do everything possible to accommodate participation in this class.



Preferred method of contact is email:  I can also be reached during school hours at 298.5100 x 31149

Thank you!




Please sign and detach.  The information provided here is to ensure that we have a successful and full experience in this class. Thank you for taking the time to review it.

I am looking forward to a great year!






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