Photo Media Supply List

Welcome to Photo Media class. As per the course handbook, students are expected to purchase their own paper and film.  A small amount of these supplies have been purchased with budget money for emergency purposes only.  These supplies can be expensive but when are used carefully and sensibly, they will last the length of the class.  One packet of paper should be able to last through several assignments.  However, if students wish to exceed the minimum printing or share with a friend; a bulk order purchase may be more practical.  You can find these supplies on Amazon. or B & H Photo's website. The Artcraft store that was formerly in the Marshall's plaze still has a location open in Kingston, where these materials can also be purchased.  Please also see the supplies page to view what these materials look like.

For the class you will need:

1-2 packets of paper:

Ilford Multigrade MGIV RC Deluxe D44M 8x10/25 sheets Pearl

3-4 rolls of film:

Kodak TMAX or TRI-X 400 ISO 35mm x 24 exposures

 1 large three-ring binder:

-loose leaf

-1-2 folders


 **** Important note about film ****

We use very specific chemicals to process film.  KODAK TMAX or TRI-X 400 speed film is the ONLY film compatible with our chemicals.  If you purchase film that reads “process c-41 film only” on the carton, it will be ruined once developed in the classroom.  Please take special note of what you purchase.