RCK Teacher Mrs. Cachon is K104 Teacher of the Month!

Posted by Deborah See on 1/20/2022 12:00:00 PM

Congratulations to RCK teacher Suzanne Cachon, K104's Golden Apple Award, Teacher of the Month

Mrs. Cachon, a Marine Science teacher, was nominated by a student for her outstanding work. The course is one of her favorite things to teach, because it “opens up a lot of windows for students who never thought they would go into the sciences.” Through her class, her students learn how much impact their actions can have on the environment. ”I just want to show them that change happens through the passion of the very few. You can make a difference by having a small amount of passion and starting a little bit of a wave. Once you plant that seed in their minds, they start to realize what impact they can have, no matter what subject you teach.” She is delighted when parents tell her their children run back to get reusable bags, because “Mrs. C wouldn’t like it if I used plastic!”

Mrs. Cachon is a proud RCK graduate herself. “I always wanted to come back here, as soon as I had the chance I jumped at it. It is the best place to work ever. I am proud to be a teacher at RCK because I love the school.” She added “When you're able to come to work, and feel supported by your students and administration, you really can’t complain!”

WCSD administration greatly appreciates Mrs. Cachon’s work. RCK Principal David Seipp remarked, "The award is well deserved! Mrs. Cachon is a very dedicated teacher who puts students first."  Superintendent Dr. Bonk added, “We are very fortunate to have her as a member of our staff!”