Internship with Town of Wappinger Supervisor

Posted by Amy Watkins on 4/14/2021

Students interested in learning more about participating in an internship with the Town of Wappinger should call Sandra Vacchio at  845-297-2744. Email ( is available if using a personal email address. Please note you will not be able to receive a response to the WCSD Gmail account. 

Prior to calling Ms. Vacchio, students are asked to create a list of areas that interest them. This will help them better place you in an experience that aligns with your interests.

Suggested Tasks for Student Interns

  • Filing
  • Scanning documents into electronic databases
  • Data entry
  • Web page design using Word Press
  • Research on specific topics
  • Reviewing Permit Applications
  • Forensics/Analysis on bills/charges from consultants
  • Working on the Capital Improvement Plan identifying assets in each of the offices (example: numbers of computers, printers, vehicles, etc.)
  • Learning how a financial comptroller's office works
  • Logging permits
  • Working on a specific project
  • Talking to residents about their concerns
  • Graphic design
  • Policy creation
  • Identifying what new employees need to know
  • Branding (ex. using of TikTok and Instagram)
  • Develop a business plan
  • Attend ribbon-cutting events
  • Working in the parks
  • Event planning
  • Providing tours 
  • Sports Museum
  • Historical Society