Wellness Committee

Wellness Committee Charter

WCSD Wellness Building Contacts

Wellness Activities in our Schools (updated 2/6/20)

Meeting Dates:  All meetings are held at District Office

  • Monday, 6/8/20 at 8:00am (via Google Meet)
  • Tuesday, 5/19/20 at 8:00am (via Google Meet)
  • Wednesday, 3/18/20 at 8:00am (cancelled due to building closure)
  • Tuesday, 1/14/20 at 8:00am (snow date 1/16/19)
  • Wednesday, 10/23/19 at 8:00am

Meeting Minutes



2018-2019 Meeting Minutes

Board of Education

  • John Lumia (ex-officio), Marie Johnson, Peggy Kelland, Rob Rubin 


  • Justin Feldman, Susan Riordan


  • Rebecca Barry


  • Kristen Crandall, Matthew Flusser, Kurt Jesman, CJ Knight, Mary Merenda, David Seipp

Informative Links to Wellness
Eat Your Way to Wellness - Jessica DeLuise, MHS, PAC, CCMS
All about High Blood Pressure - Jessica DeLuise, MHS, PAC, CCMS 

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2019 Student and Community Survey Results
The WCSD Wellness Committee has conducted student (grades 7-12) and community surveys in March 2019. This is the third year that a Wellness survey has been conducted. While the promotion of these surveys has increased, the participation levels have not followed suit. The Wellness Committee received responses from approximately 1.83% of the student population surveyed. Approximately 420 community members responded to the survey. At this time, the Wellness Committee does not feel that the survey's participation provides a representative sample of WCSD as a whole. As such, the results will not be posted on the website. Thank you for your support.