June 19 Update

Posted by Daren Lolkema on 6/19/2020 3:00:00 PM

June 19, 2020 Update

Good Evening WCSD Community:

Voting Results

We would like to thank the WCSD Community for passing our 2020-21 school budget.  Each school district in Dutchess County had a successful vote.  We would like to also congratulate our present Board of Education President, John Lumia, Vice-President Keith Odums and Trustee Peggy Kelland for their reelection on the Board of Education. We received close to 13,000 votes from the WCSD Community.  It is very important to always exercise your right to vote in school district, local, State and Federal elections.  Please visit our website for a tally of our voting results.

Report Cards

Our end of year academic Report Cards for grades K - 12 will be available to view on Parent Portal beginning Saturday June 27, 2020.  We would like to thank our entire Learning Community for their collaborative work in helping us bring this school year to a close.  For Elementary Report Cards, teacher assignments for next year will not be identified on the report card.  Instead, students will be notified of their new class assignments in August. 

Continuity of Learning

The last day of new learning for students will be Friday, June 19, 2020.  From June 22-25, students will have the opportunity, if necessary, to submit work owed, participate in small group instruction to continue to build upon student skills, and/or to complete projects currently in progress.   Should you have any questions regarding the work your student is expected to do, reach out to your child’s teacher for guidance. We acknowledge that the past few months have been difficult for many of you as we transitioned from in-person teaching to Continuity of Learning while students remained home.  Your patience, dedication, and support throughout this process has been invaluable. We will continue to keep you informed as we learn more about what teaching and learning, as well as, interscholastic sports will look like in the fall.

High School Graduation

We have continued to work together in order to create Graduation Ceremonies for our Senior Class of 2020.  You will recall that throughout this entire pandemic experience, the Governor’s orders have changed and/or been modified related to education.  Under the recent Governor’s new order, we will be holding up to four separate ceremonies of up to 125 - 140 students at  John Jay and Roy C. Ketcham High Schools and one ceremony for Orchard View High School.

A review of survey results, phone calls, and emails from the WCSD community have helped us shape this celebration in a format that is student-centered so seniors may celebrate with members of their class and walk across an outdoor stage in front of their family.  Our WCSD Seniors will experience a true graduation commencement experience with the exceptions of not graduating together with the entire class and or being held at the Civic Center.  And will be maintaining compliance with the Governor’s Executive Order. 

Our high school principals, designated teachers and support staff along with our Parent Teacher Organizations are to be commended for their continued work to provide the best viable option for our students.  In the next days to come you will continue to receive direction and guidance from your building principals.   

Although Dutchess County has done an exemplary job at bringing the cases of COVID-19 down, we are still in the middle of a pandemic and must take precautions. Masks must be worn by every individual outside of her/his vehicle at all times. Unless you live in the same household, social distancing of at least 6 feet must take place at all times. Graduates and/or family members will not be permitted at the ceremony if she/he (1) displays symptoms consistent with COVID-19, (2) has tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 14 days, or (3) within the last 14 days was a close or proximate contact of an individual who had symptoms of COVID-19 or tested positive for COVID-19.  While I understand that graduation is an important milestone and should be celebrated, the health of our WCSD Families is paramount and will take priority.

I would like to thank our entire WCSD Learning Community for their patience and understanding as we work to make this happen.  Congratulations to all of our Graduates!

Virtual Secondary Summer School

On our website, we have provided you with information regarding Regents exams exemptions.  Please review again, if necessary.  If you have any uncertainties whether your high school student requires attending summer school through the Continuity of Learning, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s school counselor or their designated Assistant Principal.

Summer Break Resources 

During the summer, we will continue to provide families with activities, readings, and other instructional learning opportunities that students can do independently from the Continuity of Learning.  No one expected to have our schools closed and we want to ensure that we continue to support WCSD families in different ways. 

September 2020 Re Entry Plan

In March 17th, 2020 all Dutchess County Public Schools were closed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. As schools consider the possibility of re-opening, school districts across the state are charged with the task of creating reentry plans with action steps, planning considerations and communications guidance that will allow us to plan for September.   

We will be creating sub-committees to help us create our re-entry plans.  If you are interested in serving on one of these committees we ask that you please complete our Re-Entry Planning Survey Form.  We have to ensure that we address areas of Health and Safety, Transportation, Facilities, Nutrition, Teaching, Learning, Virtual Learning, Budget/Fiscal, Social Emotional Learning, Special Education, English Language Learners, Staffing and Human Resources.  

The following link provides access to a document that has been made available to Districts to use as discussion points when planning for the reopening of  schools.

Thank you and stay well.  



Jose L. Carrion 

Superintendent of Schools