WCSD‌ ‌Art‌ ‌Students‌ ‌Receive‌ ‌Scholastic‌ ‌Art‌ ‌Awards‌

One hundred seventy WCSD students from John Jay and Roy C. Ketcham High Schools submitted over 750 pieces of artwork to the 2019-2020 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards presented by the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers. Our students submitted artwork in a wide range of categories including Ceramics & Glass, Comic Art, Digital Art, Drawing & Illustration, Fashion, Film and Animation, Mixed Media, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, and Sculpture.

Sixty-two Gold Keys and 108 Silver Keys were awarded to our students. Gold Key recipients’ artwork has been judged as demonstrating the highest levels of achievement in technique, originality, and personal voice. It will go on to national adjudication. Silver Key recipients have submitted artwork demonstrating achievement worthy of recognition on the regional level.

Seniors are invited to submit up to two cohesive portfolios of eight pieces accompanied by an artist statement. This year four WCSD students submitted senior portfolios.

At the local level, award recipients will be recognized in a ceremony at the Studley Theatre at SUNY New Paltz on Friday, February 7, at 7:00 p.m. The winning artwork of Gold Key and Silver Key Award recipients will be displayed in the Exhibition of Student Work February 8th through March 1st at SUNY New Paltz in their Fine Arts Building. WCSD students will have more than 150 Gold and Silvery Key pieces on display. This exhibition will be open to the public.

“Collectively, our students received 62 Gold Key awards and 108 Silver Key awards. Our art teachers and school community are so proud of our students’ creativity and accomplishments,” said Bonnie King, Director of Fine & Performing Arts and Foreign Language.

Congratulations to the following students for their outstanding achievements:

Gold Key Recipients
Simrit Attwal 
Daniela Bellantoni Mary-Elizabeth Boatey Simone Bolger 
Gloria Bonham Madison Borba 
Anna Byars Samantha Citarell Nancy Coates 
Emma Cunliffe Cristian DiBattista Bella DiLeo 
Rasheed Elmouchtari Aidan Finn 
Kelsey Fox 
Ryan Garcia 
E.J. Geraghty 
Zachary Golden-Johnson Kylie Gordon 
Elizabeth Graham Tiana Griggs 
Amelie Guzman 
Hailey Howard Sebastian Hudson Amani Jamal 
Cassidy Jimenez 
Cali Juanis 
Isabel Lepore 
Marisa Lifrieri 
Marla Litsky
Amber Markou 
Ashley Martins 
Emma Montenegro 
Arianne Murray 
Micaela Negri 
Hannah Nolen 
Julianna Potenzo 
Kayleigh Raffaele 
Alyssa Romano 
Nicolette Sammann 
Jessica Seibert 
Dorian Skelton 
Hannah Smith 
Jingxin Song 
Angie Villavicencio

Silver Key Recipients
Jordan Anderson 
Simrit Attwal 
Daniela Bellantoni 
Mary-Elizabeth Boatey 
Simone Bolger 
Katarina Boss 
Ella Brown 
Isabella Canevari 
Mary-Kate Chanowsky 
Samantha Citarell 
Shane Connolly 
Emma Cunliffe 
Joseph Della Vecchia 
Bella DiLeo 
Georgianna Eckley 
Zackery Ehrhart 
Rasheed Elmouchtari 
Aidan Finn 
Sydney Fowler 
Kelsey Fox
Lily Garver 
MaKenzie Gray 
Tiana Griggs 
Ashley Handel 
Hailey Howard 
Amani Jamal 
Cassidy Jimenez 
Kristen Jones 
Cali Juanis 
Brian Kalinoski 
Nicole Lalli 
Erin Lappin 
Isabel Lepore 
Marisa Lifrieri 
Marla Litsky 
Lindsey Lolkema 
Emma Lominski 
Sophia Mancinelli 
Amber Markou 
Ashley Martins
Sean McCarthy 
Brianna McLenithan 
Gypsy Medina 
Arianne Murray 
Hannah Nolen 
Lauren Piasecki 
Ethan Riley-Brown 
Nicolette Sammann 
Jules Scaringe 
Dorian Skelton 
Hannah Smith 
Jingxin Song 
Angelina St. George 
Emmy Tivnan 
Victoria Torres 
Elena Vargas 
Emma Whitehead 
Ben Wilson 
Kathryn Wood