JJ Science Olympiad Teams Attend the Columbia High School Science Olympiad Invitational

We pleased to report that the JJ Science Olympiad team placed 11th (Team A) and 20th (Team B) out of 36 teams attending the Columbia High School Science Olympiad Invitational. The event featured many of the best teams in the state and was an excellent warm-up for their next big event: the Mid-Hudson Regional competition, which takes place on February 9th at John Jay HS.
Our participants won medals in 5 different events:
Chemistry Lab: 2nd place (Jason Li & Pat Rooney)
Circuit Lab: 3rd place (Jason Li & Dan Sweeney)
Boomilever: 4th place (Will Sonnleitner & Jessica Healey)
Astronomy: 5th place (Aakarsh Sahay & Shreyas Babu)
Mission Possible: 6th place (Kayla Klosen & Ratna Sharma)
Thank you to Ian Freedman and Margaret Loh for their help in preparing the students for these events. In addition, a special thank you to Joe Sonntag and Tad Herman for helping run the Astronomy event, and to observe how the invitational was run to help plan for the regional competition next month. Even though Mr. Sonntag retired in June, we're all thrilled to have him continue to be so involved in SciOly at John Jay.
JJHS Sci Olympiad Winners
Medal winners in the photo above. (Missing from photo: Kayla Klosen & Ratna Sharma.)