Within Our Reach: An Agenda for Ensuring all New York Students are Prepared for College, Careers, and Active Citizenship

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The New York Equity Coalition of civil rights, education, parent, and business organizations has released a new report, Within Our Reachfocused on equitable access to the critical courses that can help prepare all New York students for college, careers, and active citizenship.

The report finds that Latino and Black students are systemically denied access to a wide range of gatekeeper and advanced courses – from middle school Algebra and Earth Science to Physics, Calculus, Computer Science, AP and IB classes, advanced foreign languages, and Music in high school.

The coalition is calling on the state to enact an ambitious “5x25” agenda: 5 specific action-oriented commitments that we want to see fully in place for the Class of 2025’s middle and high school experience. These 5 commitments and our recommendations for how to fulfill these commitments are discussed in detail in the report.

If you have any questions about the report, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Abja Midha

Deputy Director

The Education Trust–New York

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