April 9, 2018

Q:  On the page regarding Social Media Archiving, is that for the Board of Ed meetings or just all social media in general?

A:  Social Media Archiving - The proposed software will capture each of the various data formats used in social media and presents the resulting records in an intuitive interface. This proposed software also archives social media regardless of the device or network used to transmit communications.

Q:  On the next page, for the NonPublic Software; is that software for an office or is that put toward the children?

A:  NonPublic Software Increase - The District has a responsibility to support the educational and social and emotional needs of WCSD resident students who attend school outside of the District boundaries (ie: parochial schools). Annually the District receives the requests for health services billing, textbooks, software and hardware from the nonpublic districts based on calculated rates of related costs or NYS reimbursable rates. This increase for 2018-2019 is based on a recent request for software that has never been received before and therefore needs to be budgeted.

Q:  "On the expense breakdown page under equipment it says .02% is that the equipment, maintenance or bus parts?"

A:  Expense - Equipment - The District's policy 6645 - Capital Asset Accounting includes language that supports the definition of a capital asset or equipment. The threshold is $5,000. The 2018-2019 budget includes $56,615 in expenses that meet the definition of equipment.  This equates to .02% of the 2018-2019 proposed budget. Items that do not meet the $5,000 threshold and/or are consumable within a year are considered supplies.