Agent of Change Journey for Several 4th Grade Students at Fishkill ES

Several 4th-grade students at Fishkill Elementary School, who are also members of Girl Scout Troop 10147, have been working on their Agent of Change journey. Throughout the year, they learned about how they could change the world both as individuals and as part of a team and community.

For the final part of their journey, they needed to change the world by giving back to the community.  They chose to teach younger children about different topics that were of interest to them.  

They created and taught lessons to a local Brownie troop and to Mrs. Turi's Kindergarten class at Fishkill Elementary on the following topics:

  • Friendship/Anti-bullying
  • Animals, Science
  • 7 principles of “Leave No Trace”

The students shared they had a lot of fun learning about these topics and then teaching the younger students.  They said it felt great to give back to the community. This was a culminating activity as part of a year-long Take Action project where the girls have been learning how they can be leaders in their community.  The last step in completing this badge was to share with the community at large.  Pictures from the event are below. 

Kudos to Harp Forlano, Liani Langhorn, Madeline O’Brien, Wynter Ross, Margo Sandler, Pearl Turner, and Abigail Wehmann of Troop 10147.