WCSD Students Perform BIG at the State Future Business Leaders of America Competition

Future Business Leaders of Wappingers Build a Bridge to Success

Wappingers Central School District brought 37 students to the NYS Competition of Future Business Leaders of America April 10-13 in Binghamton. Nearly 1000 students from across the state competed in a wide variety of business themed events. Some events were tested on paper. Some required materials to be submitted in advance and some were role played before judges. The excitement was high as hundreds of students in business attire checked into testing locations and awaited the leaderboard postings to see if they would advance to the higher rounds of competition.

This year’s theme was “Building Your Bridge to Success.” Roy C. Ketcham President Jannie Gogi echoed this sentiment, “Throughout my 3 years in FBLA, I’ve learned so much that I can bring to the next chapter in my life. Attending multiple FBLA conferences has made me a confident leader and a better individual. I’m so grateful for all the knowledge I gained as well as getting the opportunity to make new friends from all over the state. It’s not just a club or a competition. We are like a family.  If it weren’t for the team, we wouldn’t be able to do all that we have accomplished in our clubs this year.” Together, Wappingers students won a total of 24 State awards.

Roy C. Ketcham students Dylan Ramage and Ezekiel Arubuike worked as a team and won first place in the Global Business competition. Mahmood Tipu took second place in Business Law.  The team of Armin Kermani and Dylan Ramage earned fourth place in Social Media Campaign, and Diana Fabrizio took fifth place in Advertising.

John Jay High School first place winners included:  Mia Emig for Organizational Leadership and Amy Zhou for Economics.  Second place honors went to the team of Thomas Russo, Harith Arra, and Shreyas Babu for Management Decision Making.  Carl DeMarco Jr. and Vasudha Kilambi took third place for Introduction to Business Presentations.

John Jay had a wave of fourth place winners including individual winners: Richmond Addae for Accounting II, Shreyas Babu for Business Law, Chelsea Commodore for Journalism, Gianna DeNivo for Introduction to Business, Dilynn Kessler for Help Desk, Neha Sandesh for Insurance & Risk Management, and Amy Zhou for Impromptu Speaking.

John Jay also had four teams that took fourth place: Neha Sandesh, Gianna DeNivo, and Vasudha Kilambi for Banking & Financial Systems, Rohan Ganesan and Shreyas Babu for e-Business, Tanvi Athavale, Amelia Chen, Shaily Jani, Thomas Russo, and Candy Zheng for Parliamentary Procedure, and Lucas Marchi, Rohan Ganesan, and Sarah Gremelsbacker for Sports Management.

In a field of hundreds of competitors, the fifth place winners proudly took their place on the New York State stage. They included: Harith Arra for Accounting I, Dhruv Kaderu for Introduction to Business Procedures, Melissa Peters for Health Care Administration, and the team of Tanvi Athavale, Amelia Chen, and Dilynn Kessler for Global Business.  

John Jay was overjoyed to “make it to the stage” for the first time in the Most Outstanding Chapter competition which ranks clubs that exceed a high threshold for the completion of business events, community service activities, fundraising, social events, civic participation, and academic accomplishments of all members for the entire year. Coordination of this award was managed by Lucas Marchi and Olivia Salatino.  The dedication of the entire club made for an outstanding year for the Future Business Leaders from Wappingers!