Community Communications Committee

Community Communications Committee

2016-2017 Community Communications Committee 

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Meeting Dates

November 1, 2016, at Roy C. Ketcham Library

February 3, 2017, at Roy C. Ketcham Library

RESCHEDULED date: March 7, 2017, at Roy C. Ketcham Library (Guest Speaker Stu Shinske) (See Thank you note to Stu Shinske)

April 5, 2017, at Roy C. Ketcham Library 

 May 15, 2017, at Roy C. Ketcham Room 214; Innovation Space 

The Committee welcomes the public at these meetings.

Agenda for 11/1/16

Agenda for 2/3/17

Agenda for 3/7/17

Agenda for 4/5/17

Agenda for 5/15/17



November 1 Minutes (APPROVED 2/3/17)

February 3 Minutes (APPROVED 3/7/17)

March 7 DRAFT Minutes

April 5 DRAFT Minutes

April 11 DRAFT Minutes


An Open Letter From The Chairman Of The Community Communications Committee
It is perhaps an unfortunate aspect of modern America life that people today have busy and demanding schedules,  On an individual basis decisions are therefore made concerning where one spends his or her time.  This is no doubt true for members of the Community Communications Committee.  Unlike some other committees of this Board of Education who offer no flexibility in the scheduling of meetings, the Community Communications Committee has made efforts to have varying meeting times in order to accommodate the various demands on its' members.  Whether or not a member can attend a particular meeting his or her input is valued by this chairman.


Board of Education

Barbara Goodman

Robert Rubin, Chair


Alicia Alfred

Marie Johnson

Maureen Ryan

Kathleen Spinella

Deborah Torres Henning


Daren Lolkema, Assistant Superintendent for Compliance and Info. Systems

Amy Watkins, Director of Public Relations, Evaluations & Business Education