Gratitude from the Class of 1967

A Letter on Behalf of the Class of 1967


October 26, 2017

Dear President Kelland,

Last weekend, the RCK Class '67 held its 50th year reunion.  Part of the weekend festivities
included a tour of RCK.  We were the first class to enter RCK, as 8th graders, and we spent
five years in the building before graduation, which was held in the gymnasium.  Many of the
alumni attending had not visited RCK in 50 years, and they were caught by surprise when
out "tour guide" turned out to be RCK's principal, Mr. David Seipp.

Mr. Seipp welcomed us with a smile and his enthusiasm for his job was obvious from the
start.  He was professional, knowledgeable, patient, and sometimes very funny.  His sense
of humor adds a human touch to a job that can be very stressful and challenging.  Principal
Seipp is a great representative for the RCK community and the WCSD in general.

During the building tour, there was one topic that kept surfacing - the cleanliness of the building. Our group couldn't get over how clean and fresh everything looked.  As you know, I spent over thirty years working at RCK, and I have seen the building in "darker" times. I was personally thrilled to see the building looking its best.  The not so new science wing, opened in 2002 looks as good as it did when it opened fifteen years ago.  We recognize the many hats that a building principal [wears] today, and very often, building upkeep and maintenance gets overlooked.  Clearly, Mr. Seipp has been paying attention to the maintenance issues.

We would also like to compliment the school board for their part in shepherding the bond issue through the referendum process, and in implementing the many projects that have added so many improvements to the RCK campus.

Finally, as a point of clarification, I was asked by several members of our reunion committee to send this letter to the appropriate person(s) in the district.  They were so impressed by Mr. Seipp that they wanted him to receive some recognition.  This was the first time any of us, including myself, met Mr. Seipp, and he obviously made an impression. We hope that you will share this letter with fellow board members and the superintendent of schools.

We look forward to another tour in five more years!


Roger Higgins,
For the RCK Class '67 Reunion Committee
49 Point Street,  New Hamburg