February 2023

Question submitted anonymously, 2-9-23 
Just wanted to send along a comment that while it's nice to offer that benefit to those volunteers,  how do you plan on conpensating (sic) for that loss in revenue? I hope not by increasing taxes for the rest of us? Many of us give our time in different ways by coaching, scouts, etc as well so while I appreciate their service, I don't feel this is fair.

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The proposed exemption is 10% of the total property and school tax bill if the criteria are met for compliance.  The District has a similar exemption in place for clergy and paid firefighters and the impact is minimal for those communities. 

Comment submitted by Marika Mills on 2-9-23
Hello WCSD,

I was happy to see that the district is considering a property tax break for volunteer firemen and ambulance workers.  I think this is a great idea, especially given the unpaid service these individuals provide to our community. 

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Comment submitted by Gina Vilardi, 2-17-23

I just wanted to take a moment and voice my thoughts regarding the partial tax exemption for volunteer firefighters and ambulance workers.  I think that is a wonderful benefit for these selfless individuals and their families! My husband volunteered in the local fire department for over 20 years out of the pure goodness of his heart and interests.  As a result he missed many family meals or moments when the call came to help others.  I have sat at multiple restaurants alone or left movies when the bell rang.  This exemption would be a great way for our community as a whole to give back to these individuals who train multiple times a week and run out to help others at all hours no matter what they are doing or with whom.  My husband is no longer a volunteer so we personally would not benefit but I do think it would be a nice perk for the families who do.  
Thank you!
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As a resident in the Wappingers Central School district, as well as in a volunteer fire district, I understand the importance that our volunteer first responders play in keeping our communities safe, but also in the role of keeping our overall taxes low. I understand that the proposal before the Board of Education to exempt up to 10% of the assessed value of their homes in regard to the school tax does shift a slight burden to cover those taxes to other homeowners in the school district, but that this shift is minimal as compared to the overall tax savings gained in towns because of those same volunteers. Our volunteers devote hundreds of hours of their time for the greater good of our community and I believe they should be duly recognized by virtue of the tax exemption in question. I, therefore, urge you to take up the issue of the tax exemption for volunteer firefighters and ambulance workers, to allow for the full 10% and to vote “yes” on this issue. 

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Question submitted to budget@wcsdny.org on Feb 23:
Good evening.  On the website it says there is a budget presentation on 2/27.  Where and when is that meeting? Also, where can I see the line item/detailed budget?
Thank you,
Rachel (Adam and Rachel Van Der Stuyf)
Hello. There will be a preliminary 2023-2024 budget presentation during the next Board meeting.  The Board meeting will be held at the Wappingers Jr High School Auditorium, with public session set to begin at approximately 7:30pm. The PowerPoint presentation will also be available for public viewing after 3pm this Friday by following this link (https://go.boarddocs.com/ny/wcsd/Board.nsf/Public), clicking on the 2/27 meeting, and then the agenda item for the 2023-2024 budget.
Please note that the annual budget process begins in October with the budget calendar and ends in May with the Budget Vote.  The budget process involves many moving parts, which includes the finalization of the New York State budget resulting in NYS aid amounts for school districts, the use of several estimates for health insurance, general liability, negotiations, contracted services, supplies, etc., as well as input and feedback from the Board of Education, school district administration, building-level administration, and the community. This process can extend into April as we await a final Aid amount from New York State, which then drives the proposed budget for the Board of Education's approval prior to the proposition on the ballot on May 16th.
Thank you,
Kristen Dainty
Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Business Development