November 16, 2020

Tony Cifelli

Q:  Has the 3 tier schedule in transportation been considered during covid 19, (example to follow), that was used for years before implementing a 2 tier busing system? In the 3 tier system, transportation had the availability of WCSD drivers to cover runs which was more flexible than a 2 tier and the current schedule. 


 1st tier - High Schools, 2nd tier - Junior High Schools,  3rd tier - All Elementary Schools

The contract for out-sourcing 15 bus runs to Orange County Transit for $8,370.00 Per Day, where is this money coming from?  Is it from tax payers,  a grant,  a fund or government assistance?  Also, in the unfortunate event that  WCSD has to close district wide due to covid 19, does the contractual amount of $8,370.00 Per Day still payable to Orange County Transit during the closure?  

The Orange County Transit contract states it is in effect until the end of June 2021, does this mean that WCSD will not be hiring bus drivers to take the runs that are being out-sourced?

Thank you for your time.  


A three-tier system is currently being used for the hybrid educational model that was phased in.  This system was put in place due to the number of drivers and monitors available to drive.  There are not enough drivers to cover the runs as needed to open school or to model the past three-tier plan that you refer to in your comment.  

As such, a bid was completed to cover the outstanding run packets.  The contracted runs are in place to cover the outstanding packets.  Every WCSD driver is currently being utilized.  This is being funded through the general fund budget.  There is a 30-day clause to cancel the contract for both parties.  These routes are in place through June 30, 2021, or until no longer needed by the District.