June 3, 2020

Marie Johnson

Question: I want to clarify for any questions.   I plan to drop my ballot to ensure it is received in time.  However my husband is unable to drop off due to his work and other schedule.  Is a spouse or other household member allowed to drop off?  This is also to limit number of public that expose or are exposing others.

Response: You are correct that anyone may drop the ballot off. If you decide to utilize a District drop off location, the ballot does not need to be dropped off by the voter.  Anyone may drop off completed ballots of any family and community members at one time.  The important thing to remember is that the process we just reviewed MUST be done for a ballot to be considered valid and counted.  Therefore, all ballots must be sealed in the oath envelope. This means that the oath envelope must be completed by printing your first and last name along with your address on the front and you must sign and date the affirmation/oath on the other side of the envelope. Ballots not enclosed in an oath envelope will not be counted.