May 21, 2020

Daniel Fischer

Q:  Why does the school board think it is their duty/right to raise taxes double the state governor's cap, about 4%, when there are a significant number of town residences that are out of work due to Covid-19 and are unable to make their rent/mortgage payments?

A:  The Board of Education has approved a budget that meets the needs of students and maintains programs. The proposed tax levy is below the maximum allowable limit for the 2020-2021 school year.  There have been many reductions in many areas of the budget that will be going to the voters on June 9th.  For more information on the WCSD 2020-2021, budget and vote can be found at:

Q:  Why do you provide an opportunity to view the meeting live instead of after? The current link posted on the website (only one and it was intentionally left out from the mass mailing) is to the posted meetings after it has been edited.

A:  The Board of Education meetings are streamed live on YouTube.  The live feed appears on the same page as the recorded board meetings.  You will not see the live feed of the meeting until the meeting has started.  Board of Education meetings are not edited.