May 4, 2018

Question from Beth Saterlee

I am writing to inquire if the district plans on keeping the 5 sections of the current first grade class as they move to second grade in September.  As quite a large class that is still in n the primary grades, it seems logical to maintain the current class sections and sizes. Parents had to fight last year to avoid a planned section collapse as these youngsters entered first grade, so I am asking what the plan is this season.
Response from Daren Lolkema
The District has maintained the same 221 sections from kindergarten through grade 6 across all of our elementary schools for the past few years.  So while we may see section counts change for a particular building or grade level each year we haven't actually eliminated classroom teachers for our students.  
With regards to Myers Corners grade 2 class projections for September 2018, we are projecting the need for 4 sections of grade 2 for the fall.  This is, of course, subject to change should we see an increase in registrations for that building and grade over the summer.