May 7, 2018

Questions (Names redacted to protect identify)

I was troubled when I found that [my child] has been having problems obtaining breakfast and lunch at school.

[My child]was awarded free lunch this year as [they] have had [their] entire academic career. I am bothered by the fact that [my child] is still being made to pay for it through [the lunch] account.  Also if [my child] chooses to take less then a normal breakfast or lunch [they] are being told that [they] have to pay extra by the cashier in charge.

I do not understand why only wanting to get a milk if [they] bring lunch should cost more if even at all when [they] should receive it free.

I do appreciate the free breakfast and lunch, but it is unfair to cause a [child] duress for not wanting to take more than [they are] comfortable eating.

Could we please resolve this issue before it goes any further and causes more harm to my [child's] emotional well being?
Unfortunately, a reimbursable breakfast and or lunch must contain all of the components or else it cannot be deemed as such. This is per the USDA.  For example, just getting a milk is not an option. If you have specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact your child's principal or Food Services Office at 845-298-5075 or email