March 4, 2018

Question from Sandra Bredthauer :

I’m reading a very pro-active email sent out by the Hen Hud superintendent to the school district on 

(1) the FL school shooting 

(2) the proposed walkout 

(3) the school/district protocol in emergencies 

Honestly disappointed in the lack of proactive communication by our district, ESPECIALLY given the incident at Van Wyck last week which absolutely should have been addressed by the school ASAP and nipped in the bud. If police are on campus investigating or whatever “rumors” may be circulating... I feel an an official email or notification by the school is in order, even to say “we’ve discovered nothing is amiss”. 

Is there no protocol in place for this??? 

Still nothing sent out by school district...

What are you waiting for?

Response from Amy Watkins:

Ms. Bredthauer,
Thank you for your email. I wanted to share with you the communication that has been shared with the families.  This is also available on our website.  It was initially posted on the main web page and is always available on the Superintendent's page.  Click on the links below to review. 
Regarding the walk-outs that are being discussed, I can assure you that the District is working with our building administrators and collaborating with other District to ensure our students' voices are heard.