January 23, 2018

Questions and Answers From the Monthly Fishkill PTA Meeting Discussing Fishkill Boundaries

Q: Can we consider having Fishkill ES 6th grade students attend Van Wyck Jr. HS for grade 6, thus making Fishkill ES a K-5 school?

A: This is not a scenario that we are considering at this time.


Q: Would you please let me know the estimated costs (increase/decrease) the District will incur for this change? 

A: The cost would not exceed $6,000 per year in staff time and vehicle usage.


Q: Going solely on the assumption that this proposed boundary shift is to get FE to remain at a 19 section building I don't understand why in 2018-19 the 4th grade can’t become 2 sections at 32/32

A: Contractually speaking we can only load classrooms so much.  The only elementary classrooms that can load to 32 by way of the contract is our Integrated Co-Teaching (ICT) classes, and we do try to avoid this whenever possible.  But the reason this is the exception is that for an ICT classroom there is another teacher in the classroom, and when a class is loaded to 32 we also add a TA as a 3rd adult for extra support.  Regular Ed classrooms are not allowed to be loaded to 32.  ICT is not offered in grade 4 at Fishkill ES so there are no options for any sections to load to 32 at this grade level in Fishkill ES.


Q: I was wondering if anyone can shed any light on the number of out of feeder requests granted at both Fishkill Elementary and Brinkerhoff Elementary schools? 

A: There are currently 8 out of feeder requests at Fishkill ES, and 17 out of feeder requests at Brinckerhoff, the majority of these students are spread out among the upper grades.  On the flip side 9, Fishkill ES students attend another school based on an out of feeder request and 5 Brinckerhoff students attend a school outside of their boundary.


Q: How does the Enrollment Projection report published in December relate to all this? 

A: Each year we build our class section projections with all out of feeder students 'returned' to their home school.  OOF's are never a guarantee and must be renewed each year.  The majority of OOF requests wait as long as mid-August before they hear a decision on their request, the OOF is granted if space is available and for whatever reason, it makes sense for them to be enrolled at a particular school.  We never build extra sections at a school to accommodate out of feeder requests.


Q:  The top of Osborne Hill Road, Slide #8 in the presentation, labeled as Osbourne Hill Road Community Part 2. It would make sense to move these students to Myers Corners ES, can you tell me if the west side of the road goes to another elementary school?   

A: Yes, generally speaking, the NW side of Osborne attends Evans ES. 


Q:  Would removing those students make it possible to maintain the 19 sections necessary for the 2019-2020 school year? 

A: Since it is 39 students K-6 it would not, we need to reduce potential K enrollment by at least 17, this community boundary alone would not suffice.


Q:  Would we be able to move Fishkill students on the eastern side of Fishkill to Brinkerhoff and not students on the western side to Myers? 

A: This would be an ideal scenario geographically speaking but Brinckherhoff cannot support this number of additional students.