2015-2016 Updates

Wappingers CSD Capital Projects Update

Thank you again to all who voted to improve our schools!

Immediately after the May 21st 2013 vote, the District and the Design Team led by Rhinebeck architecture & Planning continued the design of the projects approved by the voters. The Schematic Design phase is nearing completion and a report will be ready for the District’s review in early September.  The report will include confirmation of the scope and budget based on the Design Team’s extensive review of our school facilities over the summer.

Several smaller projects identified as critical Capital Project improvements have already been designed, approved by the State Education Department and are already under construction.  They are as follows:

Building Security Update

Click here for updates on the security improvements around the district

The bulk of our security work has been completed across the district.  Most of the items listed as "in progress" are waiting for components that will allow for inter-system operability (ie: allowing for greeter phones to unlock visitor doors).  We anticipate the remaining components to be completed in the near future.

James S. Evans Exterior Window Replacements

Exterior windows at the library and adjacent small group rooms are schedule to be replaced the weekend of October 18th.  Existing windows will be removed and replaced over the three day weekend.

James S. Evans Asbestos Removals

The removals of asbestos containing materials has begun in the utility tunnels below the first floor and will be complete before the start of school.  The District will now have easy access to the tunnels should the building heating system need to be repaired prior to its replacement in the summer of 2014.

Gayhead Elementary Septic System Connection

A septic system connection from the school to the local municipal sewer system in under construction and will be complete shortly.  Part of the approved Capital Project includes switching the building fuel supply from oil to gas to achieve energy savings.  Additional savings will be achieved by using part of the sewer trench to run a new gas line.    

The design of the remaining projects will be completed at the end of 2013 and submitted to the State Education Department for approval.  It is anticipated that work will begin in the various schools over the summer of 2014 and 2015.  A work schedule will be posted to this website as soon as it is available.    

The Facilities & Operations Department has been extremely busy working on current Capital Projects (see below) and have ongoing in-house projects which continue to maintain the District's 14 school buildings, grounds, sports fields and supports facilities.