John Jay Alumni "Pay It Forward" with Non-Profit Organization

Nolan Kartholl, Mitri Najjar, and John McMahon are proud John Jay alumni who have started a non-profit called The Educ845 Foundation ( The objective of the foundation is to promote analytical problem solving by igniting educational and professional curiosity in high school students. They have raised over $10,000 in their first year to bring that objective to fruition. 
Educ845 offers high school students the opportunity to compete for a college scholarship by creating an actionable way to improve the high school experience. They're excited to have held four workshops in their inaugural year, teaching the students to form, develop, market, and pitch their business idea with help from a John Jay HS alumni entrepreneur, a Duke Business Professor, and a VP at Gartner Research. The ideas and engagement from the students have exceeded their expectations. 
Perhaps most exciting is the upcoming final pitch! The student teams will present their business plan to a panel of judges with the winning team receiving a $5,000 prize.  
Good luck to all of our students!