John Jay Science Olympiad Team Competes at the State Tournament

Tad Herman, Margaret Loh and Ian Freedman supported the John Jay Science Olympiad team this past weekend at the New York State Science Olympiad tournament. The team placed 26th in the state! There were about 430 schools in NY that participated in Science Olympiad this year, 55 of which were invited to the State tournament at Le Moyne College in Syracuse. The team won 2 medals at the tournament, including 1st place in Anatomy and Physiology (Karthik Ledalla and Amy Zhou) and 8th place in Microbe Mission (Karthik Ledalla and Hannah Kang). This is the third consecutive year in which John Jay has won at least one first place medal at the State tournament. Karthik Ledalla also won first place last year in Cellular Biology. Photos of the team and the medal winners are below.
Thank you again to everyone for your support of the Science Olympiad team this year! 
Science Olympiad Team Winners Winners