RCK & John Jay Students Compete in Virtual Enterprise Competition

On Tuesday, January 17th, Roy C. Ketcham, and John Jay East Fishkill’s Virtual Enterprise International (VEI) classes traveled to Farmingdale State College in Long Island to participate in the annual VEI tradeshow. Virtual Enterprise is a class being offered for the first time in the Business Education Department, in which students start up and run their own virtual business, selling virtual products to other VEI firms across the country. At the trade shows, students compete in competitions showcasing their products, business plans, sales pitches, logos and more. Ketcham’s ‘Siva’ offers Athleisure eco-friendly clothing that helps young people feel comfortable with their unique identities. John Jay runs a travel agency called ‘First Class’ that sells prestigious travel packages for special occasions. Both schools are proud to announce that they “sold” a total of over $400,000 worth of merchandise at the trade show.  Additionally, ‘First Class’ placed second in the competition for the best sales pitch. Ketcham and John Jay will be traveling to New York City’s Pier 92 in April for a two-day national tradeshow.

Story by: RCK Senior Amanda Sickler

Live SIVA Live First Class