Oak Grove ES Win the 10-Day Walking Challenge!

The goal was to motivate students to increase their level of physical activity outside of physical education class. Physical Education teachers, Anne Seymour and Dawn Turpin-Orgetas coordinated a plan to challenge Oak Grove and Kinry Road students, staff members, and their families to compete in a contest to see which school could do the most walking over the ten day period from October 11 to 20. The totals after ten days were Oak Grove 10,035 miles compared to Kinry’s 9,068 miles. Oak Grove had 195 students/teachers/staff turn in their walking logs.  Kinry Road Elementary had 124 students/teachers/staff turn in their walking logs. Those forms contributed an average of 55 miles per day to the each school’s total. Shoe lace tokens were distributed during P.E. classes to all students who turned in a family walking log forms.  The championship trophy is on display at Oak Grove Elementary School this year. Thank you to everyone who participated in this fun event.


What the Healthy Steps Program Did For Our Schools

  1. Brought the school community together to achieve a common health goal.
  2. Increased students' math skills as they added up their daily miles.
  3. Allowed opportunity for classroom teachers to incorporate geography via the virtual hike, as students track their school's progress across North America.  (Oak Grove made it to California and Kinry Road stopped in New Mexico on the virtual hike.)
  4. Increased energy levels of students and staff.
  5. Increased school spirit and teamwork.
  6. Encouraged walking as an excellent lifelong form of exercise.

Thanks again to everyone who participated and keep walking.


Oak Grove Wins Oak Grove Wins Sign