Summer Suggestions

Summer Activities for Students receiving Physical Therapy


Things to do: 

1. Go to the playground

       Practice pumping a swing, challenge your balance, climb and explore, and use the slide. 

       Practice galloping, skipping, hoping on one foot and jumping. 

       Ride you bicycle or learn to ride one. 

2. Play a game – hopscotch, twister, hide and seek, “mother may I”, or jacks. 

Play a game of kickball, baseball, basketball or soccer.      

3. Dance to your favorite music.

4. Go swimming with your family or friends at a pool, lake, or at the ocean.         

5. Exercise

-         practice bear walking, crab walking, frog jumping

-         practice sit-ups, push-ups, bridges

6. Ball skills: 

Using a medium (playground) ball

       bounce it and catch it

       dribble it, first with two hands, and then with one

o   try to alternate hands while dribbling it

       catch it (try to only use your hands)

       throw it in the air and catch it, or throw it to someone else

o   Try overhand and underhand throws

Using a small (tennis) ball

       bounce it and catch it

       throw it at a target or play catch with a friend

o   catch using only your hands

Keep as active as possible this summer. Please be careful and stay safe.


And remember….If it’s Physical, it’s Therapy!