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Permanent Parent Pickup Procedures

Dear Parents,

Myers Corners Elementary School has a new student pick-up procedure for all “Permanent Parent Pickups.” This will take effect on Monday, April 2nd. We remain committed to student safety. Our school Safety Team has been considering some of the same concerns brought up during the Myers Community Safety Discussions after-school event, since construction of our morning student drop-off area was completed.  Therefore we have decided to move forward with an improved student pick-up procedure.

Effective Monday, April 2nd, during afternoon dismissal, any parents/guardians arriving to pick up their student will park along the curb in a single line in the back of the school, and wait in their car.  A greeter will come to the car to ask who you are picking up, and check your I.D.  Once we have confirmed the information provided to us, a staff member will escort the student to the proper car. The parent will sign the log sheet confirming safe delivery of their child.  We will only bring out one child or children of one family at a time to ensure accuracy and safety.

We have increased the amount of afternoon staff, assigned to this duty to, in order to streamline this process. As we begin this new system, we ask for your patience, flexibility, and support. We anticipate some improvements to the procedure may be required.

Ultimately it is our goal is that the new safety procedure will:

  • Reduce the number of individuals having access to the school each afternoon
  • Reduce congestion in the front of the school, by ensuring parent traffic is separate from our school bus traffic

At this time, anyone who is not a “Permanent Parent Pickup,” will continue to park in the front of the school and pick up their child in the main lobby. Eventually we will work towards all afternoon pickups follow the new system. For now, we are requesting the “Permanent Parent Pickup” individuals only, begin our new procedure on Monday, April 2nd.