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Daily Health Screen: EZ Scrn

This Headline is intended to provide you with a quick introduction to our EZ Scrn Daily Health Screening application, and to prepare you for what we need you to do each day before you send your child to school.

We will be rolling out our EZ Scrn Daily Health Screener tool to all of our families prior to the start of Hybrid Instruction.  We are intentionally rolling this out to smaller groups of families for the initial round.  

Once your student has been added to the system, you will receive a notification from the EZ Scrn system indicating your account has been set up, it will include login instructions as well as your ID & PW. 

Please do not contact EZ Scrn directly as they are not able to support individual family members with end user questions.  For immediate questions please email

You can download the EZ Scrn App from the Apple Store, or simply use the website  The Andriod App is not currently available in Google Play, further directions will be shared as that app is made available for Android users.  But again, the web version for this tool works perfectly fine. 

Here is an orientation video on how to use the daily screener.  While the screens may vary slightly, this video does give you a general idea of how to use the tool each day your child is scheduled to attend school for live in-person instruction.  If you have a moment, please review this video before you log into the system so you know what to expect once you finally do so.