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Dismissal Procedures

Dismissal Procedures

During the day: Your child MUST bring in a signed parent note in the morning.

  1. Report to the lobby monitor or school office and your child will be called for dismissal. You will NOT be able to enter the building without a photo ID. ALL STUDENTS WHO ARE TO BE PICKED UP MUST BE CLEARED THROUGH THE OFFICE.
  2. Students must be signed out at the time of dismissal. If for any reason someone other than a parent would be picking up the child, written permission from the parent or guardian MUST be received by the Main Office or the student CANNOT be released.

THIS WILL BE STRICTLY ADHERED TO. Photo identification must be shown before a child is released.


  • Anyone that is picking up a student(s) MUST have a photo ID.
    • At 3:00 pm parents are permitted to directly to the cafeteria upon entering the building. ALL parents MUST go directly to the cafeteria and wait for their child.
  • Students will be called for picked-up at 3:05 pm
  • As soon as your student is signed out in the cafeteria, you must immediately exit.


Once you exit the cafeteria doors, NO ONE will be allowed to re-enter