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Daycare / Babysitter Transportation

The Babysitter or Day Care Form for the 2017-2018 school year must be completed no later than April 1st.  Any forms received after August 15th will not be processed until September 30th. Those students will be transported to and from school on their assigned neighborhood bus until notified by Transportation (after September 30th). The only exceptions will be for families who have proof they became district residents after April 1st deadline and who have submitted their requests within thirty (30) days of establishing district residency.  These forms are available in the Main Office or click on the links below. These applications are NOT carried over from year to year and a new form is required to be filled out. If you are new to the District, you must contact the Central Registrar's Office to register your child before transportation can be arranged. Central Registrar's Office may be contacted at 298-5000, ext. 40132.